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Bioelements Exfoliators

Remove layers of skin

Measured Micrograins $29.00
  • Facial scrub with extremely fine granules
  • Cushioned in a base of soothing oats and cleansing clay
  • Gently exfoliates dead cells, leaving skin bright and radiant
  • Pumice Peel® $50.00
  • Manual microdermabrasion treatment
  • Contains refined white pumice crystals, emollient hydrogenated polydecene, ginseng extract and antioxidants
  • Removes dead cell layers and accelerates the turnover rate of fresh new cells to stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin
  • Quick Refiner $42.00
  • Light, liquid gel exfoliator
  • Loaded with Alphablend glycolic and multi-fruit acids
  • Elminiates dead surface cells, uncovering smoother, softer skin.. Visible results in just one application